Build Amazon for the shipbuilding industry.

As a naval architecht, Chris Stuckey dealt with many elements of the marine industry, but always had difficulty in sourcing parts and data for his projects. After noticing that numerous other shipyards, marine parts distributors, and vessel owners had the same problem, Stuckey set out to create a technology solution. Chris marinated on his idea and after creating a rough plan of attack, set out to fix the issue of spending countless man hours to search for parts and information in paper catalogs and through phoning different distributors.

Maritant engaged Revelry’s startup studio to design, build, and launch an online parts and equipment sourcing platform for the maritime industry.

Revelry got to work building a massive parts and equipment database that acts as an RFQ e-commerce replacement for paper catalogues and manual processes. Vendors can quickly source and find the products that they need with just a few clicks, and then request quotes from local distributors. Distributors can create an account on Maritant to view and respond to requests, and handle the entire process leading up to the purchase of marine equipment. Revelry’s startup studio added Maritant to its investment portfolio, and the company recently closed Series A funding after a successful launch of the MVP. Revelry remains involved in providing both engineering and coaching support for Stuckey and his team.


Maritant collects data on thousands of products, but the data had to be instantly available to customers around the globe.

  • Pull 850,000+ products into searchable database.
  • Whitelabeling features so manufacturers and distributors can use Maritant’s tools while still showcasing their brand
  •  Making products from Maritant’s huge product listing searchable and discoverable in a way that appeals to the marine industry

The Revelry team are professionals, and always maintain an open dialogue and excel at strong communication. As a result, they understand our mission and execute, producing collaborative results that have enhanced Maritant’s vision.
Chris Stuckey – Maritant Founder and CEO
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The Maritime Industry Connected

Status: Live

  • Startup Studio
  • Coaching
  • Design
  • Development
  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elasticsearch
  • Foundation
  • Elasticsearch
  • Bootstrap
  • DigitalOcean
  • Heroku

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Global customer base of Maritime industry engineers, distributors, manufacturers, and ship yards.



Over 350,000 products are categorized and searchable on maritant.com



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Self funded for 1 year
Closed Series A in August 2014