Revelry Venture Partners

We are a seed-stage venture capital fund investing in domain-authority founders building emerging technology companies.

Our Vision

The next generation of category disruptors will be built with technology at their core.

Many of these companies will be founded by non-technical founders building outside Silicon Valley.

By pairing high conviction capital with engineering support, RVP helps founders get to market faster, mitigate technology risk, and improve overall fund performance.

High Conviction, Seed-Stage Capital

  • We are your first true-believer and invest earlier than most other VCs. We don’t care who else is on the cap table.
  • We look for founders that deeply understand industries and can evangelize epic solutions to critical problems.
  • Non Technical? Pre-Product? We have technical resources that can help startups take real steps forward with an initial minimum viable product.

How We Show Up

  • Our Design Thinking Process leverages our proven strategies and technologies to help portfolio companies find product-market fit as fast as possible. 
  • Our go-to-market team helps design and launch sales and growth programs to help you scale. 
  • We’ve done one-on-one coaching to help founders and team leaders operate at their peak. 

Our Network

Our extensive network of seasoned operators, corporate partners, and investors enables us to help you make connections that will grow your business, expand your customer base, and find premier capital partners.

Portfolio Spotlight: Yellowbird

YellowBird is a gig economy marketplace that quickly and easily connects Risk Managers and Environmental, Health, and Safety professionals with businesses on-demand. By providing a fast and efficient method for business leaders and skilled professionals to connect, YellowBird facilitates the right people, in the right location, with the right experience for the job. Safety has never been so simple! Checkout or visit them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Yellowbird logo

We Punch Above Our Weight

“In advance of raising Fillogic’s first institutional round of funding we very deliberately committed ourselves to finding partners in a position to add more value than the size of their check, and that’s what we continue to find in partnership with RVP. From strategy sessions and their technical expertise to introductions throughout their connected network, we couldn’t be happier with the relationship we continue to develop with the Revelry family.”

Rob Caucci

Your First Call

As a team of creators, hackers, investors, and company builders, we understand how difficult (and rewarding) the Entrepreneur’s Journey can be.   

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