Revelry Ventures

Revelry Labs partners with businesses of all sizes to create digital innovation. From building robust APIs and logistics software, to social mobile apps and e-commerce platforms, workflow automation, staff augmentation, and digital transformation – we deliver it all.

Revelry Ventures was born out of Revelry’s product studio, an opportunity for great ideas to develop into profitable businesses.

Our Vision

Venture Acceleration and Corporate Innovation

We’ve led corporate innovation teams through design thinking processes for immediate impact on their bottom line, and we’ve helped startup founders create their first MVP to attract funding.

Our talented team of software, design, and product engineers apply our proven process to improve business systems and team structure so that the companies we work with can go on to become technology leaders in their own right.

And that’s why we’re in such a unique position to accelerate startups through Revelry Labs.

Venture Acceleration
Investment Thesis

Our Process

How We Use the Revelry Platform to Accelerate Startups

At Revelry, we leverage the Revelry Platform and our Design Thinking process to help you accelerate your company.

Revelry's Proven Process Fuels Your Growth

At Revelry, our Design Thinking process leverages our proven strategies and technologies to help you accelerate your company, find product market fit as fast as possible, and help you generate your first sales to position for major growth.

Revelry's Platform Accelerates Product Delivery

We’ve already built the software tools that automate digital innovation and rapid prototyping, so we can get right to work, bypassing weeks of typical setup tasks.

Revelry's Mentor Network and Corporate Innovation Partners

We’ve helped startups take their first real steps forward with an initial minimum viable product. We’ve designed and launched sales and growth programs to help customers achieve scale. We’ve done one-on-one coaching for founders and team leaders.

Our extensive network of corporate partners enables us to help you make connections that will grow your business, expand your customer base, and make big things happen.

Revelry Ventures

Revelry Ventures is a seed fund accelerator focused on building companies and preparing founders for scale, providing development and mentorship services.