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Investing in the Pre-Obvious

The team at Revelry Venture Partners is often the first true believer of the boldest visionaries, and we are comfortable investing pre-launch, pre-hype, and pre-everyone else.

Stage: Pre-Seed / Seed

We look to back exceptional “founder-market-fit” teams as early as possible, typically investing in startups raising pre-seed and seed rounds of up to $3M.

Geography: USA + Canada HQ

While we love Silicon Valley, we believe category winners can be built anywhere. We love investing outside the traditional tech echo chambers.

Check Size: $100K to $500K

We don’t care about “brand names” on the cap table and are happy to be the first to commit. We can lead your round and bring together value-added investors from our network for this round and future rounds.

We partner with technology founders building the next generation of category-defining software companies.

Core Investment Areas

  • DevOps
  • Software Tooling
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • AI/ML Enabled SaaS
Revelry Venture Partners

What We Look For

  • Co-founding team with TECHNICAL experience
  • High Intellect, High Integrity
  • A wildly ambitious vision to build a Category Winner
  • An Enduring Opportunity with a compelling “Why Now”
  • Strong understanding of Product & Customer Acquisition
  • Ability to Go To Market in <12 Months
Revelry Venture Partners

Investment Portfolio

Revelry Venture Partners

Our Investment Team

Revelry Venture Partners

Full Service Venture Capital

We’re not just another check writer. We are a team of builders who actually work for you to solve the problems that matter during the lonely, difficult, and scary initial phases of launching a startup.

Revelry Labs - Development Services

Software Development Staff Augmentation

Apprenticeship Program & Engineering Recruiting

Operations & Incubation Support

Revelry Venture Partners

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If you are seeking investment, please complete this form so we can learn more about your startup and determine if Revelry Venture Partners (RVP) might be an appropriate partner in your entrepreneurial journey.

If you’re not sure what your answers should be at this stage, feel free to swing back later. We’ll be here waiting to hear from you!

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