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Revelry Startup Studio is a three to six month program in which we learn all about your product concept, ruthlessly chop it down to a core experience, release a proper MVP in six weeks or less, iterate and take it to market. It’s as simple as that and so much more.


The typical timeline for Revelry to launch an MVP is 6 weeks.

Once the MVP is launched we begin to gather feedback and iterate. We analyze product and customer data, work with you on sales and marketing automation, and build and enhance necessary features and messaging to achieve product market fit for scale. We can also help with setting up investor meetings if/when you are ready to raise capital.

We sometimes partner with startups in exchange for convertible debt or equity for the right ideas/founders, giving even the most bootstrapped startups access to the Startup Studio package.

Revelry brings to the table a suite of benefits beyond just building an MVP. Our invaluable network of designers, developers, marketers, advisors, mentors, and investors all contribute to an incredible experience in Startup Studio to set the trajectory of your business for success. We partner with our startups long term and continue to bring value by acting as interim CTO, helping to build out product teams, and much more.

Selection Process

The short version:
We accept applicants our team is excited about.

The long version:
Revelry wants to know why your idea makes sense, why people will care about it, why it will be successful, and why you will be successful. We will respond to your application within two business days. If you get our team excited, we’ll have a brief Q&A to determine if this is a good fit for the program and whether or not you qualify for an equity discount. From there, we invite the best of the best to strategize. Then we execute.

What’s This About an Equity Discount?

While we are not venture capitalists in the traditional sense, Revelry will from time to time extend discount offers to the most promising startups in exchange for a warrant or convertible debt note. If this is an option you wish to pursue, be prepared to treat us as you would any typical angel or VC. Which means convincing us that this is a great investment.

We need to know that the idea is so great and the founder is so ideal that the business can be successful with our help.

Is the founder prepared to put in the work?
What is the business model?
What is the fundraising strategy?
Is there an exit strategy?

This is not an exact science, and each deal/decision will be different and will be made independently.

The equity discount applicant must have a formed business entity. Revelry can recommend appropriate legal services if you require assistance.

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How long is the process from selection to getting started?
1-3 weeks, depending on prior scheduling of other startup studio partners.

What resources will be made available?
In addition to our founders’ expertise and network, Revelry has a team of 30 designers, developers, and product experts who rotate into and out of projects according to needed expertise. We also have an active apprenticeship program and assist with interviewing and hiring technical resources for your company.

Do I need to go through the selection process if I am not seeking an equity deal?
Yes. You want the people working on your product to be excited about it, right?

Will your developers/designers work with my current team?
Absolutely. Sometimes you just need some extra help to sprint to the finish line. Other times you have an existing team that’s a bit green, and the startup studio program can be an excellent opportunity for knowledge transfer and growth.

The Revelry team are professionals, and always maintain an open dialogue and excel at strong communication. As a result, they understand our mission and execute, producing collaborative results that have enhanced Maritant’s vision.
Chris Stuckey
{ Maritant, Founder and CEO }

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The Maritime Industry Connected

Status: Live

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  • Development
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