Lean Custom Software Development

Focus on the Core Utility

Custom software development should focus on the core loop of a products utility.

User Driven Software Development

Focus on the User Experience

User driven software development is at the core of what we do here at Revelry. The Product Owner works with our team to break down the high level objectives and goals into Epics. Epics can be thought of as features of digital products. User stories are created within the Epics. And within those user stories, we create acceptance criteria.

user stories

Agile Process

A blend of Scrum and XP

We check in daily as a team. We discuss things we’ve accomplished and what we’re working on. We identify anything blocking progress or changes that need to be addressed and we move on quickly. These daily meetings are typically 10 minutes or less.

At the end of the two week sprint we demo to all stakeholders, discuss things that went well and ways we can improve. Rapid iteration is the name of the game. We believe that projects succeed more often with continuous communication and evaluation. Then we start the process over again.

Keeping a process lean, clear and simple makes it much easier for everyone to be flexible, adapt, and get creative while working within constraints.

Similar to ideas, spec documents are almost worthless in digital product development. They can serve as a guideline and can be a good exercise to go through before starting to build something, but how many times have you seen a web or mobile project completed to an original spec? In 15 years, I’ve never seen this happen. Almost everything you write specs for that will take longer than 2–4 weeks to complete a design and build cycle will most likely be outdated by the time anyone gets around to building something against a spec.

Things We Do

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