Lean Custom Design Sprints

“So, I have an idea…”

Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur with an idea for a new company, or HugeCo, Inc. with a new product concept you want to validate, a design sprint with Revelry is your best solution for turning an idea into something real.

Within 2 weeks you will have a working prototype of your core product assumption and a set of learnings from live field testing and customer validation. At the end of the design sprint, you will also have an updated roadmap in your hands for reaching the next version of the Minimum Viable Product.

Week 1 Sprint


Kickoff Planning Meeting


Define Problem: Draft Product Brief & Initial Experience Map


Research: User interviews, peer app teardowns




Demo: User Personas, Potential Feature List for Testing

Week 2 Sprint




Validate: Test Prototype with Users




Revise Product Brief & Experience Map; Development Roadmap for MVP


Demo Results & Discuss Recommendations

Your project will follow an agile design sprint methodology. We begin with a kickoff planning meeting on Monday, followed by daily stand-ups.

We don’t work in a black box. You will be as hands-on as you like via Github, Slack chat, e-mail, and in person or phone conference meetings.

The final week of the project will end with a research review and handoff containing documentation of our assessment.

Things We Do

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The Revelry Design Sprint Process


Define The Problem

The fist step toward a great solution is a good understanding of the problem.

  • Draft Product Brief
    Define the business opportunity, target, problem, value proposition.
  • Draft Experience Map
    With various stakeholders, describe the steps a user would take, and fully define entire data process with inputs/outputs and total possible use cases.


Research The Market & Solution

Before we build, we create clarity around assumptions.

  • Create User Personas
    Distill our findings into user definitions, use cases, pain points, key features, experience elements.
  • Competitive App Tear-downs
    Review peer apps and social chatter for emerging design patterns/user expectations.
  • Customer Development
    Conduct initial customer discovery interviews to test pain point assumptions about the market.


Design & Validation

Your favorite part: testing something real.

  • Generate Feature List and Potential Experiences
    Generate range of features to test in user research based on initial interviews.
  • Prototype
    Distill design options into one prototype sketch for testing via storyboards with design narratives and illustrations.
  • Validate
    Test initial prototype for problem/solution validation, flow & design, and a list of ‘must have’ features from user POV.


MVP Roadmap

When your design sprint is complete, you have a fully actionable plan for your next version.

  • Revise Product Brief & Experience Map
    Distill feedback into findings & recommendations with value points highlighted and prioritized.
  • Create Development Roadmap
    Roadmap proposal with prioritized sprints and potentially development options (features, timing, budget) for MVP


Revelry Labs is a digital development and design company based in New Orleans. Our team has over 20 years of experience delivering technology products to the web and mobile platforms. Here is a small sample of our work:

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I’ve been really happy with how Revelry took my vision and implemented it. They did a great job of collecting the right information upfront.

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