Meet Vivek Bhatnager: From Student to Professional at Revelry

“Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you.” Vivek Bhatnager, the newest member of our QA team, is a firm believer in this adage. It’s the mantra he held as he made the 9,073 mile trip from India to pursue his American dream: an education and a career.

A recent graduate of the University of New Orleans, Vivek has gathered his observations as he made the transition from student to professional. We’re honored to be a part of this process, and we’re inspired by his love of learning and how Revelry’s Core Values have made their mark on him.

At Revelry, we share nuggets as often as possible, as we come across “a-ha” moments or major discoveries. These are some of Vivek’s nuggets during his transition from the “simulation” of college life to the “real world” of professional life.

Change your lens

All through college, I had the ‘me first!’ mentality. Now I know, it’s the ‘org first’ mindset. Adjust the focus to what the organization needs and how it will benefit from your contribution: this will enable you to bring your best to the workplace.

Maintain a discipline

Being meticulously time-bound with meetings and prompt with deadlines will enable one to build a personal brand. Use an app that lets you prioritize and keep a track of tasks and timelines. Tasks that are ‘urgent’ and ‘important’ are always at the top of the pile.

I also believe that, personally, dressing for the interview was the audition. I now enjoy dressing professionally for the part. “Dressing well is a form of good manners.”

Learn every day

While at college, learning was a matter of culmination. But at the workplace, learning never stops. Learning happens every day.

Seeking opportunities to learn and having a willingness to learn, unlearn and relearn will always keep you on top of the game. Trying your hand at new things, experimenting and failing will only add to the smarts you need for the job. Be proud of your mistakes and let them act as catalysts to do better.

Be inherently curious

The phrase ‘I don’t know’ in your head may seem juvenile, but is very powerful. I say powerful because it not only acknowledges the scope for you to learn but also shows your genuine curiosity to do better.

Don’t second guess yourself: no question is silly.  Always be that person in the room who will ask the question that nobody else will dare to ask.

Take a break

The on/off switch is very important for work-life balance. Giving your complete focus through the 8 hours is vital, but then take a break.

I always allocate some time after my shift for research and learning that I need for the next day. This helps me to plan my work and more importantly my breaks better. During my time off, I engage with family and friends. I always want to do something new, so being on the lookout for camps, activities and hobbies is a priority. And when there’s nothing to do, I break a sweat by hitting the gym.

Be yourself

I don’t want to wake up on a Monday morning and cringe at the idea of work, so it was important for me to pick a career that I enjoy and lets me be my authentic self.

I believe happiness is a choice. So, being happy at work, happy with the work, and happy with the people you work with enable you to enjoy work and life in general.


I may have made these observations and connections based on my own beliefs, but at the end of the day, working at Revelry has taught me to love.

“Love your work, Love your peers, Love your progress and your mistakes.”

Revelry taught me to give someone a chance not necessarily for the skill they possess but more for their eagerness in wanting to learn a skill. I’ve realized that we are all equally able and that we all make mistakes. Revelry taught me to treat people, regardless of ability or skillset, with – that’s right, love. 

The Revelry team believes in being excellent to each other and shipping great software.

We uphold our core values by encouraging each other to improve every day.

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