Customer Happiness is Key to Account Manager Role for Natalia Weil

Customer happiness depends on a passion for advocacy. Clients need the ability to connect with a company on a human level, and to know for sure that there is someone listening to their needs and going out to champion for their cause. Revelry’s clients are fortunate to have Natalia Weil in their corner. I talked to the team to find out why.

Revelry has a reputation for making great products. The team as a whole is centrally focused on delivering the highest quality software and innovation, which means that there must be a strong sales force in place to manage relationships.

I asked Gerard Ramos, CEO, what it means to manage this network that Revelry has built.

“I hired Natalia because she cares. She strives for a deep personal connection to see success for her clients and customers. We needed someone outside of the delivery team that could make sure that our customers were getting the service they needed – someone who could be there to support them through their process.”

Natalia has a desire to make sure clients are delivered what they’re sold. This is very important to us at Revelry: promises need to be delivered. Natalia has a passion to deliver customer happiness, and being committed to client outcomes and success fits her personality extremely well.

Max Walters, Sales Engineer, agrees.

“Natalia’s impact is clear when it comes to ongoing product support. Revelry’s high level of support works because clients have a Revelry team member that they know is fighting to get eyes on the issues and pushing the team towards a diagnosis, execution plan, and solution.”

The sales team at Revelry has to be the strongest advocates for our clients. Natalia has demonstrated that she’s capable of empathizing with the folks who depend on Revelry for innovative products. And, she’s strong enough to keep her feet planted on the ground regardless of what comes her way.

So I had to ask Natalia. “Why do you do what you do?”

“I enjoy solving problems and helping people. My role is a dynamic one: I actively pursue new business, and once the project wraps, I become that client’s point person for support requests and the planning of subsequent phases. There’s nothing more gratifying to me than meeting someone new, bringing on as a new client, and watching our team collaborate to bring their vision to life.”

When I asked her what it was that made Revelry stand out and why she joined the team, she said something about birds. I learned a lot about murmuration. Here I thought that was the term for the way I talk sometimes when I’m bored with what I’m saying.

Nope, it turns out that it’s an amazing phenomenon of nature, demonstrating the ability of a flock of birds to coordinate.

“It’s clear, even from the outside, that the Revelry team works together in a way that almost resembles one of those remarkably coordinated dances that a flock of birds makes as they swoop through the sky. I guess that metaphor makes me a bit of a bird nerd, but if you see how we operate, you’ll know exactly what I mean. The team works as an intricate unit, with every member working towards a mutual goal; and the way we help each other in the process is something beautiful that I’m experiencing for the first time here.”

Bird nerd, you say? So, what else do you nerd out about, when you’re not serving up customer happiness and grooving on the team workflow?

“I’m a hardcore weather nerd – always have been – so I use the Weatherbug app to pander to my penchant for preparedness.”

We build digital products at Revelry; it’s what we do. But what’s the one non-digital product that you could not live without?

“Does my cat count? Just kidding. I think it’d be my electric tea kettle. If there’s one thing living in England taught me,
it’s that Earl Grey is the elixir of life.”

At Revelry, our team is focused on shipping great software every day.

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