Our New Product Manager Loves People and Problems: Meet Josh Frank

Josh Frank has become an integral player on our team, working to improve processes to deliver the best products we possibly can. A solid product manager can break down a problem into a well-thought-out, behavior-driven story so that everyone is clear on the work we’re doing. And that’s exactly the talent that Josh brings to Revelry and to our clients. Josh helps us communicate our priorities and products with his truly astounding gifts in this area.

People, process, Pixel, and Pebble. It seems like that’s what Josh is all about. It’s been fun getting to know Josh and I think you should too.

I love people. I love learning about people and about what make them tick. I love sharing with people, whether it’s a meal or a fall weekend near the beach in Michigan. I want to soak people up.

People are amazing. It’s true. But how do you sharpen your communication style so that you can move problems into solutions?

Practice. I enjoy the process of improvement and learning. When I was young, I was a competitive swimmer. And I was pretty good. But it wasn’t because I was particularly tall or particularly strong. I loved learning and maximizing my technique. There’s nothing quite like getting the perfect start from the blocks or an extra 3 yards coming out of a flip turn because of a killer streamline position and kick. As an adult, this has transferred multiple times over to learning about coffee, about brewing, about CrossFit (and I’ll go on and on about CrossFit… Just ask me to).

I’ll ask you about CrossFit anytime. What other things have you been able to deep-dive into, and do and build and make?

I’ve always enjoyed making things. I was always more of a Construx kid than LEGO kid. When I was 8 or 10 years old, I made a 2 Foot version of Johnny Five (wow, I’m not sure a single sentence has ever shown my age more than this) entirely out of Construx, including the motor and light kits.

What about grown-up Josh? What mobile device are you using? What does your home screen look like?

I’m a Google person through-and-through. I have the Pixel XL (ask me sometime the circumstances under which I had to purchase my Pixel; it’s related to the Revelry holiday party).

On my home screen I have almost everything organized into folders: Photos, Work, Messaging, Notes, Calendars, Reading, Shopping, Fitness, Transit, Video, Audio, Social. A few apps stand alone outside of folders: Slack, Chrome, and Weather; then random apps that are sometimes installed for work/testing purposes. I use Pocket Casts for podcasts, and that’s a most-used widget on my home screen. And a Weather shortcut; though lately, I’ve taken to shouting out to my Google Home “Hey Google, what’s the weather today?”.

“Hey Google” sounds like quite a shortcut. What other productivity hacks do you have for us, being such an efficient product manager?

I wear a Pebble Time Round smartwatch most days. When working, I have my phone on “Do Not Disturb” but select apps are allowed to still push notifications to my watch. I like that. It frees me up from what’s happening on my phone while providing me some peace of mind knowing that I’ll see things I consider possibly important enough to be interrupted by.

You’re pretty connected, digitally, Josh. Can you name a non-digital product you can’t live without?

Coffee. Is that a product?

At Revelry, we do custom software design, development and training.

By the way, we’re always looking for folks who will bring something to the team. Could it be you? Let us know!.

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