Designing UX is Her Passion: Meet Hauwa Aguillard

Hauwa Aguillard recently joined the Design Team at Revelry as a UX Designer, a role that she describes as the best job on the planet!

I actually met Hauwa for the first time when interviewing her for the role – this was my first opportunity to ever interview someone, so I think we were equally as nervous as each other!

Our conversation kicked off instantly with ease. Her enthusiasm and dedication for UX Design led the way through the interview, and her friendly and determined personality made us realize that she would fit right in with the culture here at Revelry.

With her sharp eye for detail and UX thinking skills, I know she is going to be a great contribution to the team. She’s also an avid coffee drinker, so maybe she can help us up our coffee game when she visits us here in the office!

I learned a few cool things about Hauwa after she joined the team. First, she’s a newlywed! And second, she lives in Baton Rouge! I asked her a few more get-to-know-you questions so that everyone can get to know Hauwa, too:

So, Hauwa, how did you find us at Revelry? And what made you decide to join the team?

Revelry came on my radar when I got back on the job market in January, 2019. I felt a match for my skills, so I applied.

It was after I applied that I started researching Revelry: online reviews, blog posts. I fell in love with the company culture and I could not wait for my opportunity to interview!

The team I interviewed with made it easy to seal the deal with Revelry. They were extremely friendly and willing to answer most of my questions. Even after my interviews, I kept on researching and reading blog posts.

And now, I get to write mine.

So what did you do before officially joining the workforce?

Life before the “Working World” was filled with school, classes, tests, and group projects to work on. I enjoyed the joys of getting married and killing it at being a house wife.

Hauwa, you have a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. With this background, what made you turn more towards UX Design & Front-End?

After a few years on a journey of self discovery, I realized that I enjoy identifying user pain points and finding a solution that places the end user at the center of any design decision.

When I first started out on my journey to UX Design, I didn’t know what it was called. or what to call it. And after working my first job as a Front-End UX Designer, I realized that “UX Designer” is the role I’m meant to fill.

What’s your favorite way to design, and most used tools?

Definitely paper and pen or whiteboard. I find it to be quick and easy to explain a design before implementing in Sketch or Figma.

Because I started my design journey with Figma, I tend to be biased. But really Figma is cool, fun, and easy to use. Sometimes I use JustInMind for wireframes, and Atom for development. So Figma, JustInMind, and Atom.

And what’s a non-digital product that you can’t live without?

I am not sure if coffee qualifies, but I definitely can’t live without it!

It helps me think, concentrate, and enables my creativity with ease. As much as I love coffee, I can’t drink my coffee black. The only time I drink it black is when I brew it with cinnamon sticks. Even then, I might put a little creamer.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy making videos. I get to tell a story from researching about the content to shooting the video to editing. It’s fun. I love it.

And I love hanging out at Barnes & Noble.

And when it’s time to get into a process, how do you get into productivity mode?

This might be an unlikely choice, but I stare at a blank screen or paper with a pen or pencil just to scribble nothing that makes sense. I’ll draw a bunch of circles here and there, boxes, and lines that lead nowhere. Ideas come in that way and I write them down in bullet points before drilling down to the details.

Other times, I will listen to audio books while cleaning or I’ll do something else that doesn’t require me to think.

Any other ways you find inspiration?

In general, I would definitely say my faith enables me to stay motivated and inspired. Understanding that I have the opportunity to serve others in my work gives me so much joy. I love to see smiles.

And definitely seeing how hard working my family is, inspires me to do better.

Specifically at work, I would say that seeing a project to the end with a client inspires me to go head-on into the next project. I enjoy seeing a client excited and thrilled with the research and detail that went into making their project a success.

I get my design inspiration by studying other designs and understanding how elements/components were combined to make a great user experience.

I’ll notice the everyday things that I use like my car, how easy is it for me to drive it, versus using my phone.

Sometimes, I mentally rate my user experience by shopping at a different Wal-mart store, and I’ll see how I can translate that to an application user experience.

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