How Aline Adams Keeps the Plates Spinning as Producer at Revelry

Have you ever known someone with the natural ability to enter a setting and immediately know what’s happening, and how she fits in? As if you could imagine them stepping into some big party or other major production and effortlessly helping to direct work, predict challenges, and gather feedback?

This is the type of producer I imagined Aline Adams was going to be, even from our first meeting. You see, she was still in the interview process when we invited her to attend the annual Revelry holiday party. But this wasn’t just any holiday party. We were reveling at the Fair Grounds Race Track on Gentilly, and I might have been placing a bet on our namesake race, The Revelry Classic.

Aline came out to the party to say hello and to meet some of the folks on the team. She dove right into the chaos, made some real connections, and followed up the next day.

The Revelry Krewe at our namesake race during the Holiday Party – featuring Aline among those front and center!

Those characteristics, which stood out in our first meeting, are exactly why she is the perfect person to lead project management at Revelry. She jumps right into the deep end and gets everyone swimming in sync. She always follows up. The race isn’t over, but she’s taking the lead.

Some call it a project manager. We call it a producer. Aline, what do you do at Revelry?

As a producer, my job is to keep projects moving through our process. This involves: getting questions answered, unblocking, assigning Github tickets, monitoring standups and Slack conversations, and Github ticket comments.

“My job is also to be a communicator and make sure everyone on the team is in the loop on progress and updates.”

So what makes Revelry the right place for you to do this?

It’s the culture and the challenge for me. I love that Revelry is a New Orleans-based startup with national clients and an emphasis on business partnerships. The option to work remote was also a major draw for me. The entire interview process flowed naturally and even involved me attending the company holiday party!

“I noticed everyone said super positive things about working at Revelry, and they also seemed smart and hardworking but didn’t take themselves too seriously.”

Walk us through an “average” day for you as a producer at Revelry.

  • I start my day by scanning all the Slack channels for any messages I missed overnight.
  • Around 9am I start preparing for my standups — I can have as many as 8 projects to keep track of.
  • Once 9:30am hits, I go through each channel, one-by-one and review each team member’s standup against the tickets on our kanban board.
    • I’ve found it helps to narrow in on one project at a time, rather than quickly scanning all the channels at once, that way I can dive deeper into what’s really going on and simultaneously triage the GH tickets.
  • I usually schedule meetings in the morning starting as early as 10am.
  • In the afternoon, I tend to keep an eye on Slack in order to notice when team members are blocked.
  • “Unblocking and tackling”, as Thomas calls it, could involve running a planning poker, clarifying AC, or facilitating proper answers for team members.
  • On Mondays and Fridays I spend most of my day on Zoom for our kickoffs and retros. I try to take advantage of face time with the team on those days, and then focus on projects in the middle of the week.

This adds up to a lot of processes to facilitate and orchestrate. Do you have any productivity hacks?

I don’t know how I functioned at work before learning all the hacks I’ve learned at Revelry! In Slack, I take advantage of bots and commands to create issues, set reminders, receive notifications when someone assigns or mentions me in GitHub, and lead planning poker games.

So, what’s your mobile device of choice, and how organized is your home screen?

I have an iPhone SE (because my hands are small) and my home screen apps include: Calendar and Google Calendar, clock, calculator, notes, Spotify, WhatsApp, Slack, Yelp, Weather Channel, Beach Body on Demand, NPR One, and Google Maps. I have two folders for my top two categories of apps: finance and navigation.

Is there a non-digital product could you not live without?

My yoga mat. (and yoga pants, let’s be real)

The Revelry team believes in being excellent to each other and shipping great software.

We live our core values every day.

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