Revelry’s Startup Studio at it Again. Meet RevBroker.

The Revelry team is proud to introduce the latest company to launch out of our Startup Studio. Introducing RevBroker, the #1 platform for independent brokers and real estate teams.

Built by Revelers

Our Startup Studio works directly with founders to build and launch companies. Some of these companies have a single founder where Revelry will act as the engineering arm of the startup, and some work with us on everything from technology to strategy, and even sales. Sometimes we’ll invest cash or engineering hours in a company, and many we work with on an advisory level. Each startup is different, and we engage them based on their specific needs. Though Revelry is best known for its engineering chops, we’ve also got a wealth of talent and experience in all things startup, so every once in a while our team gets to flex its own startup muscle and launch a company entirely built by Revelers. RevBroker is just such a company.

Why Real Estate?

Real Estate technology is nothing new, but a gap in the market that is underserved are the independent brokers, the rebels who chose to go against the grain and build their real estate business free of corporate brand standards and rigid processes. Independent brokers needed a platform that could not only be branded to match their unique offering, but also customized to conform to their specific business workflows. With RevBroker, each implementation is handcrafted with care to do just that. By using RevBroker, owners can grow their business their way without having to use pre-baked solutions meant for franchise teams.

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RevBroker is now available for a low implementation cost and a monthly license fee to any independent broker or real estate team wanting to offer their agents the best technology available. To learn more, visit RevBroker or contact your favorite Reveler for a quick demo.

We’ve already done a few implementations of the platform, and will be growing the business as a stand-alone company in the Revelry portfolio.

At Revelry, our team is focused on shipping great software every day.

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