Revelry Workshop Recap

I can’t thank everyone enough for the time and effort that went into this amazing day.

Here’s a quick rundown of the companies and ideas we worked on:

Maritant – The Maritime Industry Connected
Founder: Chris Stuckey

Bandaloo – Build a band in a weekend.
Founder: Zubin Teherani

Whetstone Education – Performance management software for driving teacher growth.
Founder: Eric Lavin

The Collector – Collecting money from friends.
Founders: Alex Cross and Michael Angle

Hope Tablets – Donate your used tablet to patients during chemo, infusions, and dialysis treatments who can’t afford one.
Founder: Gerard Ramos (my amazing father)

The Quarterback – Shuttle service to the quarter and back.
Founder: Matthew Carmichael

Sidework – Online Training for Restaurants
Founder: Max Gaudin

Buzz On Board – Interactive Mobile Advertising
Founder: Glenn Penton

Wiley Cousins – Prototyping & Production. Hardware & Software
Founders: H. Cole Wiley and Michael Cousins

Huge thanks to everyone else that helped make our first workshop a success!  Shervin Talieh, Megan Hargroder, Thomas Knoll, Barrett Conrad, Elizabeth Yin, Ron Goldin, Tippy Tippens, John Laurie, and Colin Grussing!

We’re definitely going to host more of these workshops, email us at to get involved in the next edition.

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