Revelry Office Hours, let’s talk about products!

Revelry Office Hours

We talk about products all the time. Design ideas, development trends, small details we think are smart, which apps people love. Our Slack never really stops. We talked to some chefs yesterday about a mobile ordering app with personality, to a VC who wants to update some international collaboration tech for the U.S., to a services company who wants a whole new franchisee management platform. Sometimes these conversations turn into projects, but they always turn our mental wheels and get everyone thinking.

We usually reserve our Fridays for internal projects: our own products, our development toolkit, teaching ourselves something new.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll share some of that time with anyone who wants to talk product talk.

Want to chat about design, development, executive advising or anything else about making and delivering products people care about? Get a quick opinion about something? Sign up for a time to chat. First come, first serve.

Let’s talk.

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