Core values. We’ve got some.

A few months back we decided that, tech company clichés aside, core values do matter. They give us a map forward and a solid foundation upon which to make decisions. They help keep us honest and vigilant about what we aspire to be. As our CEO Gerard joked while we were drafting them, “What we’re doing right now is creating a cult. The trick is creating a cult that you actually want to be a part of.” Since that conversation started, we’ve added a few more cultists to the mix. And we’ve settled on our core. So here’s what Revelry is about:

Be Excellent to Each Other

Empathy, generosity of spirit, and respect remain omnipresent in our interactions with one another, our customers, and our community.

Earn and Dispense Trust

As individuals of a tribe, we execute upon our commitments and presume the same from those around us.

Fear Is the Mind Killer

We are the fittest, most adaptable species in the known universe. As we recognize our current limitations, we also recognize that they are temporary, and we can change them if we push forward fearlessly.

Work-Life Alliance

Our work should enrich our lives. Our lives should enrich our work. Balance is about more than health. It is about inspiration and energy. Keep the balance, and keep creating.

Always Be Investing

We put in the work today that will take us where we want to be tomorrow. For our ourselves, our company, and our community.

Pragmatic Ingenuity

We apply a focused creativity and a ruthless sense of pragmatism to solve the right problems the right way. We use this creativity and judgment to meet challenges head-on and blaze trails to success.

Revel in Victory

Don’t forget to celebrate your triumphs.


This is what we strive to be. We think it’s a good start.

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