How We Built OnePageSale in 20 Days

We strictly adhere to spending 20% of our work week on internal product development and knowledge transfer across the company. We use this time to learn new technologies, expand on our codebase, build products, eat pizza and drink beers together.

Over the past 20 Friday’s we’ve been working on It’s a really simple e-commerce platform for selling a product, service or subscription

I wish this product existed when Chris Tortorich and I launched Phoneballs back in 2010. There were obviously e-commerce platform options back then and there are even more on the market now, but none that focus on just one product storefront without spending a ton of time customizing.

So this week, we decided to take a full week, dedicate our entire team to getting it done and launch a product we felt good about.  There are still bugs we’re fixing and features we’re working on, but it’s launched. People are using it, buying things, selling things and sending us valuable feedback which we can use to make better decisions on future development.  Please check it out and send us any questions!

Some of the OnePageSale features:

OnePageSale eliminates the cart. Your product or service can still have multiple variants like color, size, and service level, but it’s just one really cool page with a focus on great content and a purchase call to action.

It’s free to get started. We commission 5% of your sale after the credit card processing fees. We also have additional features in the addon store that require $5-20 monthly subscriptions. We’ve given quite a bit of thought on pricing and are very open to feedback on this. We do expect the pricing model to change as we grow. We require our sellers to connect a stripe account for processing payments.

Subdomains and custom domains

One Page Sale provides you with the option of using a subdomain under the url. You can register a new domain from the site or point an existing domain to the application.

Themes and Add Ons

More themes are coming and we’re going to make it really easy and fun to customize themes on your own.

Our first AddOn is EasyPost. If you aren’t familiar, EasyPost allows you to easily calculate shipping and print labels for your orders.

We are working on opening our developer API with a model similar to Apple’s app store.

Thanks for checking out OnePageSale. We’d love to hear your feedback! Please email bugs, questions and feedback to

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