6 Videos To Help You Get Started With Kubernetes

Here at Revelry, we recently accepted that we needed to walk away from the bottomless money pit that is Heroku. So we’ve started to wade slowly into the world of automated containerized hosting via Kubernetes.

Turns out automated containerized hosting is just as confusing as it sounds, and many brain cycles were burnt getting our heads around where to get started with Kubernetes. There’s a lot of concepts and lingo to absorb. To save you all that pesky effort, I’ve compiled a short list of YouTube videos that should help you come to grips with the basics with all your hair intact:

Sometimes you just need to have it explained like you’re five

“One day, a kindly whale came along. He suggested that little PHiPpy might be happier living in a container. And so the app moved, and the container was nice, but it was a little bit like having a fancy living room floating in the middle of the ocean.”
The Illustrated Children’s Guide to Kubernetes

Maybe the problem is more attention span than developmental age?

“The fundamental premise behind Kubernetes is that we can enforce what is called Desired State Management. I’m going to feed the cluster services a specific configuration, and it will be up to the cluster services to go out and run that configuration in my infrastructure.”

Kubernetes in 5 mins

Another one to get your attention span warmed up

“Ingresses expose services to the outside world, map URLs to services, and handle SSL termination. For an Ingress, you need an Ingress provider. When you’re running your Kubernetes cluster in a public cloud for example, like Amazon, the Amazon will provide its own internal load balancer – the same for Google.”

15 Kubernetes features in 15 minutes by Marc Sluiter

No more life vests! Full speed ahead!

“I’m super excited, in the last year or so – there’s many many options now, for this middle ground: When you want to treat a whole group of machines as one logical computer, and you want to run your containers on lots of machines – treat them as one – but you want to be working closer to the actual software you have. So that’s where we’re at, and that’s what Kubernetes is.”

GOTO 2015 • Kubernetes: Changing the Way That we Think and Talk About Computing • Brian Dorsey

Once you’ve actually got a cluster, you’re probably going to want to deploy some stuff with Helm

“You start this cluster, and it just stares back at you. So, I want to kick the tires… Helm provided a way to start using Kubernetes with real applications.”

Delve into Helm: Advanced DevOps [I] – Lachlan Evenson & Adam Reese, Deis

Seriously Helm is frickin cool

“We started with building a Kubernetes-native PaaS called Deis and we just continued building open source tools that basically helped people and organizations get on Kubernetes quickly.”

Michelle Noorali — Highway to Helm (Microsoft)

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