Adding Vector to Torque

We’re bringing about digital transformation through design thinking & brand strategy.

In this article, see practical examples of how you can bring about digital transformation for your business through a digital strategy that leverages design thinking, brand strategy, and a brand design system. An approach that lets you ship, learn and iterate software solutions fast and build an authentic brand that connects with your customers in a meaningful way that drives sales.

Let’s build together; let’s build something that matters.

Are you trapped in a culture of busyness?

Has it ever felt that we’re stuck in a never-ending always-on culture? Where just doing things reigns supreme, and we should move fast and break things? 

Yes? Well, how could you not with pre-COVID-19 pressure to be productive during our summer vacations, or attend summer retreats, which has now carried over into today, with an onslaught of spam emails urging you to learn a new language and or pick up a new skill? Or articles on how you should update your resume, work on some long-term projects, network, etc.

Is hustle culture over?

Let’s face it, as a heads-down busy culture; we haven’t taken a long view and invested in the essential areas that our society really needs, like manufacturing and education; instead, we have Tinder for Dogs. And yes, dogs are cute, and yes, there is no Tinder for Cats because according to my cat Mr. McMittens “Cats can’t be bothered.”

I think it’s fair to say by now that it’s time to bring about digital transformations in critical industries. And one thing we know for certain COVID-19 is accelerating this need.

“Companies say COVID-19 has accelerated their digital communication strategy by six years.”


How plotting the way out, early, matters

Have you ever set off searching for a destination that you would’ve arrived at sooner if you altered your direction slightly early on? That’s what it means to add a vector(s) to torque, to find out where you need to go, how you know you’ve arrived, and where to go next. It means focusing on a digital strategy early.

At Revelry, we believe in adding vectors to torque (a digital strategy) by first leveraging Design Thinking and a clear Brand Strategy coupled with brand design systems.

How we’re leveraging Design Thinking to fuel Digital Transformation

We believe design thinking is about talking to customers, understanding problems we didn’t know existed, creating a shared understanding of the problem, and then executing a testable and iterative solution.

For us, that all begins with listening, empathizing, and ultimately understanding our customers’ feelings, thoughts, and activities. It gives us the contours of the problems they’re facing, the gaps, weaknesses, and strengths in a given problem space. 

Design thinking to slow the spread

Using design thinking to slow the spread of COVID-19

When we were asked by the state, “How can we help build a contact tracing app to help flatten the curve here in Louisiana?”, we jumped at the chance.

Framing the design challenge

We direct our team to conduct insight based research with real people through the prompt of a design challenge question

“How might we identify and enable, through the direction of public health officials, trusted contact tracers within the community to securely and anonymously identify those with COVID-19, with their findings reported back to the state call center(s)?”

Our initial findings

  • Tech is not THE solution
  • Empower our audience
  • Awareness, adoption, and support is needed

Decide — Design Studio

The team shared their ideas that aim to solve for our findings, voted upon the best solution out of 50 plus ideas. We narrowed them down into 6 prioritized prototypes/individual hypotheses from which to work from, and test with our audience.

Design studio in Mural

Make — Shipping testable MVPs

Results thus far 

Our first risk assessment MVP tool to get folks back to work was announced by Governor John Bel Edwards and made available to the public.

One more thing

If you’re like most businesses, you need to plan on how to bring back your employees to work safely. Your employees are counting on you to create a transparent plan. A plan that puts their health, safety, and privacy first. 

As a management team, the critical question is how to do it, and how do you roll it out? Whether you’re an office, factory, or distribution center, the need to reopen safely is critical. 

Our client, Lone Star Legal, was facing those same challenges. To answer this call, we created the app titled “Back-2-Work.” 

Watch the demo

Brent McCrossen, the Managing Director of our Startup Studio here at Revelry, demos our Back-2-Work app.

TL;DR—Back-2-Work platform enables; 

  • Staff members needing to head back to work to declare their health status privately. 
  • Allows them and their peers to get Back-2-Work safely.
  • Reinforces that their workplace environment is considerate of their employee’s health.

We want your feedback

  • What could we improve? 
  • What problems haven’t we solved much less considered? 

Please let us know by contacting us here.

How we’re leveraging Brand Strategy to build customer connections 

As a New Orleans based Design and Development firm, we know what happens when things fall apart. Recently we noted the somber fifteen-year milestone of Hurricane Katrina and the ensuing aftermath. It was when the lines between businesses and the community became blurred, where we all threw in. And we still remember to this day, the people and companies that did.

“…Walmart threw its corporate infrastructure and logistics might at the post-Katrina crisis and got essential supplies to stranded Gulf Coast residents even before the Red Cross or FEMA arrived.”

Source: AdAge: Post Pandemic Branding Begins Now

We at Revelry Labs were (and still are) no different. We saw the need to connect local supplies and heroes, the Cajun Navy, with those in Texas that were in dire need due to Hurricane Harvey. To solve this we created an emergency dispatching app to match community needs with volunteer pilots. We still use it to support our communities today, most recently during Hurricane Laura, which struck East Texas and Western Louisiana. 

Dispatch connects those in need with what they need right away.

For brands to be successful, they need to live their values, inside and out

Brands are calcified in crucibles, during crises, during Hurricanes, during COVID-19. So now, not only is it the right thing to do, business-wise, to invest in a clear brand strategy that authentically lives its values, inside and out, it’s the RIGHT thing to do on a person-to-person level.

How we’re building brands and products that matter

Introducing ROAM, a complete reimagining of RV parks

It should come as no surprise to you that being from Louisiana means we love the outdoors. And sometimes we need to dodge a hurricane or two. Because of this many of us at Revelry own RVs and or aspire to own one.

Here’s the thing, the RV industry needs an overhaul. Revelry Labs, Gerard Ramos, has found first-hand that RV parks need a severe refresh—parks are outdated and crowded.

On top of this, COVID-19, as with most things, is accelerating trends and amplifying what’s already there. The result is that the RV market has exploded. Americans are looking to head out on the open road. Exploring the outdoors with friends and family while staying safe and healthy has become THE new vacation.

That’s why we’ve created ROAM, the first tech-enabled boutique RV park(s).

Join our virtual waiting list today.

Brand Strategy: ROAM, the first tech-enabled boutique RV park(s). Sign p to join our virtual waiting list

And hey, be sure to check out a sneak peek of our brand design work. Download the ROAM brand guidelines here

One last thing

If you see something that could be better, just like we did with RV parks, we want to hear from you. We want to help foster your next great entrepreneurial idea through our Design Thinking process to see if there’s an opportunity to create a new product(s) and or launch a business. 

Let’s build things that matter, together

Here at Revelry, we’ve long since heard the clarion call and are creating strategically-minded solutions to bring about digital transformation. To find out how we can accelerate your digital transformation by leveraging design thinking and or shaping your brand strategy, contact us today.

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