Coding Creativity 01: Designing and Building Slackbots with Ben Brown

You Like Slackbots, We Like Slackbots

It was the summer of slackbots. The summer of other things, too, but my reader was filled with stories by Ben Brown about how he’s applying his longtime love of bots on Slack. At about the same time, Gerard hacked up a bot for us to do simple peer reviews in our ever-present Slack channels. Building slackbots has become a common part of a development teams slack channels and have been used for efficiency solutions and entertainment.

building slackbots

So, we started a podcast, and Ben and Gerard are the first interviews. Give a listen. Send me feedback ( We’ll do more. These are fun.

Show notes:

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“What Will the Automated Workplace Look Like?”

“Your Friendly Robot Companions”


“Performance Reviews on Slack”

Lee on making slackbots:

“Slackbots as Smart as Puppies”

Wired story:

“Slack is Overrun with Bots. Friendly, Wonderful Bots.”

Intro/outro music by Harley McKee

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