Moondog is our collection of tools that makes running Kubernetes infrastructure easier, from standing up production-ready clusters to maintaining and optimizing them.

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moondog navigator

Moondog Navigator

Moondog Navigator is a web-based UI that provides intuitive visibility into your cluster’s resources. Team members are empowered to navigate through cluster settings, resources, status, and more. Revelry’s DevOps team reaches for Moondog Navigator as a first step to explore and diagnose issues because of its ease of use compared to `kubecutl` command line tools. And our App Engineers have discovered that Moondog Navigator is empowering a greater level of self-service and troubleshooting, even helping them learn more about Kubernetes itself.

This visibility allows team members to understand answers to questions such as, “What’s in my cluster? Is my cluster healthy? Are we over- or under-utilizing resources?” and more. And the beauty of Moondog Navigator is that it automatically discovers new services and resources, giving your team a complete picture than they can’t get by running `kubecutl get all`.

moondog navigator

Moondog Engine

Moondog Engine was developed as an in-house distribution of Kubernetes to replace Kubernetes Operations (kops). By leveraging a declarative style of infrastructure using Terraform, we can now stand up new clusters with our toolchain already installed. The result was cluster creation time dropped from a month to 20 minutes.

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