Hi, meet ROAM, the nation’s first tech-enabled boutique campground network. Coming soon, you’ll be able to drive far and wide without having to find the right place to unhitch. Finally, you’ll be able to stay at campsites where you can spread out, enjoy the natural surroundings, and access incredible amenities while staying connected.

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Pairr created a platform that provides millenial consumers with access to free, tailored, VIP events. This is accomplished by gathering the consumers’ demographic and interest (Experience Elements) data. The data collection is both passive (via Facebook connections) and active (consumers manually select Experience Elements and provide profile/demographic within the platform). Admins are provided the demographic and Experience Elements data to drive event creation for their target consumers based on selected Experience Elements and profile information. Once events are created, admins will be able to directly invite consumers who fit into personas selected for the event.

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A single photograph, taken during a fishing expedition, creates an echo that contains ecological, environmental, and meteorological data for that exact time and location.
20Echo incorporates an API, mobile app, and web app that provides sportsmen with the ability to track environmental data and determine relevant condition intersections.

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Whetstone Education

School leaders spend nearly 10% of their time each week managing the mountain of paperwork that comes from teacher observations and feedback. In many schools, teacher observation data is scattered across spreadsheets, emails, word documents, and Post-It notes, making it difficult to share feedback and analyze trends.
Whetstone makes classroom observation easier with a platform where leaders can take observation notes, share feedback, set goals, and analyze growth in one place.

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Dinner Saint

Dinner Saint is a new ghost kitchen concept offering a food delivery subscription service. We work with award-winning local chefs to create gourmet New Orleans comfort food delivered to your doorstep every week.

Revelry’s Startup Studio conceived of Dinner Saint in late 2020 with the mission of “taking dinner off your plate.” We rapidly spun up the brand, company, and operation within 3 months to launch in January 2021. As COVID continues transforming the landscape of the restaurant industry, the number of satisfied Dinner Saint subscribers grows by the day.

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Plantbid is a plant brokerage company that connects landscapers (buyers, customers) and nurseries (sellers, vendors). Currently, many nurseries use antiquated payment systems, so Plantbid’s goal is to increase efficiency and ease of the payment processing system between landscapers and nurseries by providing an online payment system for the nurseries. Improve quality of the plant sourcing process by providing more nursery options to the landscaper.

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