Platform Technology

The Revelry Product Delivery Stack is a Platform-as-a-Service that delivers human behavior-centered technology solutions. Our software and product engineers deliver a process that enables our partners to test ideas quickly, implement solutions, and adopt our proven sprint process across their organizations.

We are in the automation phase of digital transformation. The Revelry Platform puts intelligent automation to use to speed business change.

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Reinvent and Evolve

Adapting your business processes

Companies who don’t adapt are getting washed out. Some of these companies are trying, very hard, to buy their way out of the deep by paying enterprise SaaS vendors insane implementation and integration fees.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Revelry Product Delivery Stack replaces these legacy vendor systems and our custom software development can be implemented on the Revelry Platform so that your specific business needs are baked right in.


Revelry PaaS


Human Behavior-Centered Technology Solutions

Revelry’s PaaS delivers industry solutions that have a real impact on immediate business goals. This means that organizations can not only create new business lines, but also have the potential to grow into tech companies on their own.

The Revelry Product Delivery Stack

We believe in being the change you want to see. That’s why we’ve created our own Platform comprised of the software tools that automate digital transformation and rapid prototyping.

The Revelry Product Delivery Stack is comprised of the digital products that expedite innovation. 

Tools to Transform

Time is valuable

Don't spend another moment building ramp-up functions for your product.

Time is valuable, so Revelry’s Platform-as-a-Service enables you to bypass weeks of setup that are typical in many software delivery processes.

We’ve already built the software tools that automate digital innovation and rapid prototyping, so we can get right to work on the customization that meets your product goals.

Digital Innovation Platform as a Service

We believe in being helpful. Helpful to companies, customers, colleagues, and complete strangers. We believe that often starts with making products more helpful for everyone.

We’ve reinvested our company revenues into products that make our systems self-servicing.

Managed Infrastructure

Automated container provisioning and automation. Portable to any cloud provider, private/public cloud hybrids or bare metal.
Kubernetes orchestration deployable to any cloud provider or on-premises.

Components and Microservices

Over 100 integrated technologies consisting of Open Source SaaS and PaaS vendors, over 40 Microservices, bots, ML/AI, and blockchain infrastructure systems, industry-leading UX framework: This leaves our talented engineers free to solve real problems, rather than spending time performing repeatable tasks.

Self-Contained Systems

10 fully-baked business systems that stand alone or work together via SSO with other major vendors.

platform technology

Digital Products

A Product Delivery Stack comprised of the software tools that automate digital transformation and rapid prototyping.

Standalone products that solve complex problems
  • Incentivize
  • Harmonium
  • Priority
  • Lintron