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15 Minute Sinatra Framework Karaoke App

  Why? The Sinatra framework is a great start for folks who are learning Ruby, because of its minimalist approach to getting shit done. Ruby on Rails makes a bunch of assumptions of what is needed for your application. That’s great for large scale applications, but for micro ruby applications like this I would choose […]

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Get Jazzed For ActiveJob!

Background Jobs have become a staple of web development in recent years. They enable us to avoid holding up the request/response flow while the application does something slow, like send emails, or make a ton of inserts that the user doesn’t really care about. In Rails development, we’ve had a myriad of options for queueing for a while now. We all know the popular ones: Resque, Sidekiq, Delayed Job, etc. The upcoming Rails 4.2 release will bestow upon us the glory that is ActiveJob, a unified API for talking to Background job systems.

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