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How To Transition from GitHub Wiki to MediaWiki

Since the source code for this site is stored on GitHub, we originally packaged the documents and knowledge we wanted to share in the GitHub wiki that came with our repo. This was a good solution at first, but was not scalable to our needs. GitHub wikis are minimalist and its lack of a search functionality made it useless when working with our large collection of documents.

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React and ES6 Today

Are you excited about ECMAScript 6? We are. ES6 is the new JavaScript with great new features that make JS easier to write and maintain. ES6’s classes, arrow functions and modules make JavaScript sane enough that we’re considering dropping CoffeeScript and swearing off all languages that compile to JavaScript.

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Quick Color with Sass

With powerful tools like Foundation and Bootstrap, along with Sass, designing as you code feels much more natural than trying to replicate a static mockup in the browser. One issue I’ve had, however, is finding the right colors without having to go back to Photoshop. Luckily, Sass has some pretty amazing color functions that can automate your color choosing process.

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