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Managed Kubernetes

Deliver your applications with Revelry Managed Cloud, our fully managed and highly opinionated cloud-native Kubernetes environment for deploying modern software at scale.

Built for Speed & Ease

From 0 to K8s in Hours, Not Months

Product development has moved to the cloud. Investing the time and the resources to build out your own DevOps team and cloud-native infrastructure is significant. It also takes your focus off of what really impacts your business.

Revelry Managed Cloud solves your infrastructure and DevOps problems. We build, deploy, maintain, and keep up-to-date horizontally-scalable, high availability, self-healing Kubernetes clusters on top of AWS.

Revelry Managed Cloud Features

Cluster Features

By default, each Revelry Managed Cloud cluster is configured with:

  • High Availability master nodes
  • Customizable amount of worker nodes
  • Command Line controls: kubectl to create files, version control, and deploy pods automated rollouts and rollbacks

Cluster Health & Maintenance

Once the cluster is built and the apps deployed, it’s critical to have insights into aspects of the cluster to ensure proper performance. Our soon-to-be-released dashboard allows you to regularly evaluate the health of your cluster(s) and consider: are you running too many applications in a single cluster? Are you underutilizing or overutilizing resources?

Our fully managed offering includes additional health and maintenance benefits, including:

  • Architecture Check-in: Quarterly
  • Optimizations and recommendations
  • Regular and automated health checks

Fully Managed vs. Self-Service

We offer two options for Revelry’s Managed Cloud:

1. Fully Managed

With our Fully Managed option, our team of Kubernetes experts works with you and your team to customize and build out cluster(s) that fit your specific needs, and can scale over time. You get top-tier, white glove support:

  • Available 24/7/365
  • Email
  • Chat/Slack
  • Phone

2. Self-Service

With our Self-Service option, you have full control to manage and maintain your cluster on your own. However, we do offer email support from our licensed experts.

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