Greg Garcia, .Net Developer, Dad, And BBQ Enthusiast

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Greg Garcia

Greg Garcia, .Net Developer, Dad, and BBQ Enthusiast

So Where are you from?

I’m from Houma, Louisiana. It’s about an hour outside of New Orleans.

What was your path to Revelry?

I did a lot of things. I was once a busboy, I was a cook, a beer Merchandiser, I worked in the oil field as a tack welder and as a processor who fixes pipes and stuff in the oil field. Then I finally got a job in programming after I graduated college.

I started working at Saia motor freight, which is a transportation company, a logistics company. And I did a lot and RPG programming there before my path to Revelry.

Where Did you go to school?

I went to Thibodeaux, LA – Nicholls State University

They call it a Harvard on the bayou.
…but Harvard kind of told them to stop calling it that.

When I worked in the oil field, I was working and I go in at 5:00 PM to sometimes 5:00 AM and I go to class at 8:00 AM. So it was what I wanted to get, I didn’t want to work in a restaurant because I wanted my weekends off. So, I wanted a job that I actually enjoyed. So that’s why it’s worth doing that you know, working these late nights and early morning, sort of getting more leaning to sleep, but I got it done.

What’s been most useful working remotely with that group?

Well, I’ve always worked by myself. It’s now nice to have people to ask questions with, or maybe brainstorm some ideas or, you know, they have, they find something out in you and they give me the information and vice versa. You know, I tell other people the information. It’s just nice. I like working in teams because there is a knowledge sharing there. If you do get stuck, there’s always the ones that, you know, to get you out of that rut.

What’s your favorite part about pair programming so far?

I’ve only done it maybe once. I think I need more experience with that. I mean, it’s cool watching people get the work done. And maybe you see something that I’ve never seen before, you know, and you kind of, I guess you see other people’s style on how they solve a problem.

What’s the best part about working at Revelry?

People are open to ask questions and willing to collaborate like you said it’s just, I like, there are more questions I’ll know, open and not be afraid of asking questions.
The core value of: “fear is the mind killer”.
I like that.

Did you read the core values before you started at the company?

No, I didn’t see it until after I started the interview process. What I did was I looked at on the website was that Revelry actively encouraged and promoted their github code very publicly.

They had a public github.

I thought that was really cool that they have projects that they allow other people to work on.
So I was like, wow, this company knows what’s going on.

Are there other things that you work with or things that you like about the collaborative style of Revelry?

I use visual code and I have to use visual studio because if you work with C sharp or, any kind of Microsoft technology, didn’t tell a sense is a lot better compared to visual code. It’s just how it is.

Other than that, I use a lot of HL7 stuff cause it’s medical stuff. So I got this thing called a HL7 inspector and also use an extension on the HL7Tools.

If you could get up on your soapbox and talk about something, what would you talk about?

Personal barbecue and cooking. I love cooking in general. Like I’ve made spaghetti sauce on my BBQ pitt so I can have the smoky flavor in my sauce.

There are all kinds of different ways that you can actually barbecue, not just by smoking, but you can do it. You can use briquettes charcoal, you can use lump, but you can actually use whole wood pieces of wood and cook on that. I think that that actually tastes better. Cause I actually, I got like I got four barbecue pits all different times.

And I, I, you know, one is where you just put it over your you know, fire pit is, I got a little thing that goes over the fire pit that hangs over it and you can do that.

I’ve got it for camping, but I use it sometimes just to get that natural taste too. And yeah, I could talk about barbecue in different ways and with different recipes. And, but I think the best one I would say is that when you do a brisket, it’s salt, black pepper and garlic, 50 50, all of it. It’s so good. I’ve got a canister and I just put it like that and shake it up every time and just put it on. I like to experiment and add different flavors to it. But most of the time the tried and true is those three ingredients.

So first how long and what temperature you cook in your brisket?

Okay. 250 degrees. So you can get that good bark. If you do 225, you won’t be as crispy and the bark will be a lot lighter. So when you do 250, it has a nice, darker color to it. A little bit more crispier, too,

Do you have any tools that you use for barbecue? Do you use the little Bluetooth sensors?

I have a fireboard 2.
It connects to a fan and you set the temperature and it automatically kicks on and off whenever the temperature you want to stay at. That’s always been the easiest I’ve had days before I had that is where you had to adjust the dampers and try to get that exact temp.

I mean, the food was great, I liked it like that. But it just took too long. And you have to sit by it all day long. You have to like babysit it. And I ain’t got time for that, especially, you know, I’ve got three kids and they won’t let me sit around here.
What’s the perfect steak temperature like internal temp internal.
I never actually went by temp always feel it, but I would think a 120 – 125. I like it rare, like bluish almost

Yeah. Well, there’s two ways you can do to the steak. I kind of like doing a Sous vide and do reverse sear and, or just hot and fast, you know, salt, pepper. I like garlic on everything I put in all my cooking. a quick sear, usually about 90 seconds on each side. And I’m good.

What’s your favorite chicken wings recipe?

Honestly, I like fried chicken wings. I like the Hooter sauce wings, the hot hooter sauce. And I like frying because it’s hard to get my family wanting to try new things. So I think that’s one thing I would like to start doing is making chicken wings on the pit. I’ve had it like twice. I like making chicken like the drumsticks. I smoke those and they’re okay with that. But I never did the chicken wings cause I’m always so used to making it fried.

I’ve got a whole bunch of different sauces to try with my chicken wings and always seem to go back to the Hooter sauce because it’s that buttery cayenne flavor to it. That just can’t stop. Well, I got this stuff.If you watch Hot Ones, but I’ve got that really, really spicy one, the last dab. I like to put that on my last one and always regret it, but it tastes really good. It taste delicious, but it’s so much fire, you know,

What are they, what do they call it? There’s a term for people who really like all the hot sauces the really high Scoville units

Oh yeah. Fire heads. I mean, they taste good, I’ve got a good collection of hot sauces, but you know, it’s always going back to the Hooters sauce

Do you have favorite New Orleans BBQ spots?

Oh, we got a local joint here called Big Mike’s as, as our popular barbecue joint. I think their food is delicious, but my wife doesn’t like it.

I’ve heard of Blue Oak is really good, but I’ve never got to test it yet. I hear they’re really good, but yeah. It’s just a Big Mike’s to me out here. Other than that, I like the barbecue myself.

What’s Your Favorite Productivity Hack?

Since I’ve been just in the HL7 atmosphere, i use this extension on VS code
called HL7 tools

What non-digital product could you not live without?

A Grill. I’m all digital otherwise. A stove or grill something to cook on. Yeah. I love food. I love to cook. That’s my favorite thing to do.

Have you grown food or vegetables before?

I’ve grown tomatoes, I usually cook everything with tomatoes, so why not grow tomatoes. I think I like to start growing some again this year, hopefully.

What are your favorite slack channels?

Actually, I like #watercooler. Also #revbeats. I like listening to new music.
Not that many metal bands are being posted, but that’s okay. I’ll post some.

They got some jokes on there and the peerbot shout outs are really cool. It’s a cool way to be recognized for your hard work.