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Get to Know Brian Berlin: Dad, Amateur Car Racer, and Software Engineer

Brian Berlin has been reveling with us for some time now, and he is definitely someone you should get to know. A longstanding member of the NOLA tech community, Brian linked up with the usual suspects via hack night and community events before joining us back in August, 2017.

I’ve had the pleasure of working a lot with him closely over the past year. He has an itch for problem solving, is a fantastic sleuth-er, and always dives in fearlessly. He is also good for one or two good GIFs a week and is generally a chill dude.

Get to know Brian Berlin, Q&A style

How did you find out about Revelry? What made you join the company?

I moved to New Orleans from Baton Rouge in 2012. So starting fresh in a new town trying to meet new people, I found a few meetups/hackathons where I kept running across the same group of people.

This is where I met Bryan Joseph, Joel Wietelmann, and Gerard Ramos. And if anyone remembers Buskeroo, I met Pat there too.

Anyway, Joel and Gerard had just started Revelry, but I had just started my own business and was committed to working on that.

Still, I always wanted to be around what they were doing.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I have 3 boys. John, George & Bear. I love being outside working on my Jeep or on the water teaching them to ski.

My other hobbies tend to be things my father forbid me from doing. I mentioned the Jeep: it’s a 1983 Jeep CJ7. My Dad forbade it in high school, so I made it my daily driver as an adult with kids.

I’m also into amateur car racing.

Yeah, you are always up to something! What are you working on right now?

I recently got a MIG welder. So I’ve been collecting old lawn mower engines and trying to build a go kart for my kids. I’m doing my best to keep it slow so that my wife will let them ride it.

Is there anything you think is particularly interesting, technology wise, that you’ve been able to incorporate into these projects?

I have a stack of Raspberry Pis that I’m tinkering with. The plan is to put them in the race car and have them collect and send data back to a dashboard in the pit. The pi’s will gather lat/lon, orientation, and g force.

I’ve typically have several things going, some of which I actually finish.