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Revelry’s technical expertise combines with your industry knowledge to design and build software that grows your business, delights your customers, and inspires your team.

How can we help?

No matter what stage of the product development process you’re in, our team of expert product managers, UI / UX design engineers, and back-end developers can help you scale your product to success. Let us help you use technology to innovate and grow your business.

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Early-Stage Products

Exploring how to make great ideas happen

Our Discovery process uncovers current and future possibilities for your product idea. In a series of sprints, we lead exercises that identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. These activities uncover a product’s potential business model, market opportunities, and outcomes.

Preparing for Development

A detailed plan to build or improve a product

After Discovery, it’s time to make a Roadmap, a guide to effective development. Using insights from design and engineering, this living document lists your project’s milestones, sprints, and detailed information on the technologies and path to accomplish your business goals.

During active development, we will revisit prioritization often, but the Roadmap will always serve as the consistent source of truth for the goals and needs of your team.

Active Development

An interdisciplinary team building custom solutions

All product life cycle phases are essential, but the active development phase goes most in-depth based on the priorities established from the Roadmap documentation.

Beyond bug fixes and patches, this is the ongoing process of a team of developers, product managers, and designers working with you to create web and mobile-based applications that exceed expectations.

Reviewing Your Code

Finding ways to improve your technology

Are you interested in finding the weaknesses & opportunities in your current software or product? During a Code Audit, Revelry’s engineers use automated code review and decades of experience to review and identify potential weaknesses in your technology.

This process helps us give you a high-level overview of your infrastructure, a granular understanding of how the original dev team built the application, and suggested next steps for improvement.

Staff Augmentation

Supercharging your team’s growth

We’ve helped build and augment teams across a diverse stack of technologies and languages based on partner needs in several industries.

If you are looking for a team of experts to help build your product using the best possible technical approach, we’d love to talk.

The skills we use

Web & Mobile Development

Our thoughtful engineering team uses a wide range of languages, frameworks, and capabilities every day. Beyond just coding, they use their technical expertise to make recommendations that impact business strategy as much as anyone else on the team.

Product Design

Since we never forget that we’re designing for real people, we are obsessed with making products easy to use and visually appealing. A double threat, our design team is versed in Product Design and Front-end development. We believe that form follows function, so we center the human experience of a product in everything we do.


Helping businesses of all sizes

At Revelry, we help businesses achieve their scaling and innovation goals, and we have applied our approach across a variety of industries.

  • Digital Transformation
  • FinTech
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Healthcare
  • E-commerce/Retail
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Social Impact
  • Startups
  • Logistics
  • Business Automation