From Video Game Development to Software Engineer, Curtis Cummings Joins Revelry

Curtis Cummings has a background in video game development, so we’re thrilled with the unique perspective he brings to our development projects. We’re so glad he joined our team as a Software Engineer. He’s also done substantial work in VR development.¬†Here’s what Curtis told me when I sat down to find out what really makes him tick in the world of technology.

Curtis, I understand you’re a huge fan of the Microsoft Kinect. That says a lot, since you have worked on so much game development. Why the Kinect?

It’s an incredibly sophisticated sensor capable of tracking a lot of different information.
It can be used to make 3D scans of physical objects, it can do low-cost motion capture,
and it can recognize up to 6 bodies while tracking 19 joints on two of them.
I would say my favorite project I’ve done with my Kinect is a small game similar to ‘Super Monkey Ball’ in which the player controls a ball by leaning the direction they want the ball to roll.

What got you interested in technology and development in the first place?

Since I was a child I’ve had a fascination with computers and technology. I started learning the basics of web development in Middle School so that I could have the coolest looking MySpace layouts among my friends.
Years went by, and it turned out that I had a knack for telling computers what to do,
so I ended up studying Computer Science in school and making indie video games.

“Telling computers what to do” is a fun way of explaining what we do. What’s your favorite language for getting that done?

My bread and butter would be C# with the .NET framework.
I’ve been making video games in Unity for the last 3 years, and that’s where I had the need to learn the language.
Only knowing basic JavaScript and PHP beforehand, the move to C# changed my life.

We use a lot of tools in programming and development. Which of your daily work tools is your favorite?

Sublime Text. It’s a beautiful text editor with a lot of powerful functionality.

We’re glad to have you on the team. How did you find us?

I didn’t know too much about Revelry at first. I was speaking with some people at the New Orleans game dev meetup about local tech companies, and Revelry came up. I heard they’re a young company with a portfolio that speaks for the combined talent of the team.

At Revelry, we do custom software design, development and training.

By the way, we’re always looking for folks who will¬†bring something to the team.
Could it be you? Let us know!.

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