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WebRTC 101

WebRTC is a technology designed to allow realtime, direct communication between browsers (and browser-like software) without requiring third party plugins. WebRTC is being used to enable applications like video or audio calling directly within the browser. WebRTC usually does not route the connection through a central server– but directly from one user to another, which means it has less latency and is more scalable than other methods of streaming data from a browser.

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15 Minute Sinatra Framework Karaoke App

  Why? The Sinatra framework is a great start for folks who are learning Ruby, because of its minimalist approach to getting shit done. Ruby on Rails makes a bunch of assumptions of what is needed for your application. That’s great for large scale applications, but for micro ruby applications like this I would choose […]

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Faster Software Development with (Smart) Technical Debt

“technical debt” noun. the sum of costs owed to one’s computational progeny for past transgressions against their design and future well-being If you’re like me or anyone who’s spent enough time in software engineering, when you hear the phrase “technical debt,” it conjures bad associations and worse memories. Because by the time most people actually talk about […]

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