Burn The Ships – Determine the goals you need

In the fast paced, ultra-competitive world of growing a successful technology startup, producing results is paramount to your success. It’s easy to get distracted with urgent matters that need your attention and, before you know it, you’ve spend half your day putting out fires. Don’t get me wrong, these fires are important and need to be addressed too, but do not allow production to suffer for it. Align your priorities accordingly. Don’t allow yourself to feel a sense of accomplishment by checking off “to do’s” throughout the day. Instead, make a commitment to accomplishing specific tasks that actually have an effect on moving the needle for your business or your quota. If you’re a hustler, then nobody will hold you more accountable to those commitments than yourself. Honor those commitments and make sure your team is doing the same.

You should have a defined growth strategy in place as part of the original business plan. Specific revenue objectives that need to be hit over a defined period of time. Know where the expansion opportunities are in the market, map out a marketing strategy you’ll utilize to accomplish said growth. And make sure you have the resources available to handle that workload effectively. But what does that mean for the daily grind exactly?

Determine the goals you need to hit by the end of the month, week and day. Understand what it takes to get you there. Know the average deal size and sales cycle. Realize how many new opportunities need to enter the pipeline to get something closed. And tie this all back to a number of meetings, phone calls, emails, text messages and smoke signals you need to get done each day. Block time on your calendar, put on your blinders, block out all the noise, and reach your goal no matter what it takes. A solid recipe for success? Figure out what that number of tasks actually is, then double it, there’s your goal.

Fear is a good thing. How you respond to fear says a lot about your character. You can either allow yourself to be paralyzed by that fear where you don’t take action because you feel you’re not ready, you might fail, or others will judge you. If you’re a hustler, you will use that fear to motivate you. That fear will get you in the office before everyone else and make you stay there until your body forces you to leave for lack of food or sleep! You’ll harness that fear and use it to do 10x more than anyone else is willing to do. You will do whatever it takes to be sure you left it all on the field. Always be afraid that you’re not taking enough action. If you’re not gripped with fear that you’re not doing enough, then you don’t have the right mentality to make it to the finish line before your competition will. Are you taking enough action fast enough? You should be terrified that someone else is out there who’s willing to put in that extra effort to make damn sure they aren’t the ones being out-worked. Don’t ever get out hustled, there is simply no excuse.