Getting Good at Vim

I have used Vim to write code for about a year, and I can confidently say that Vim does two things for me well. The most obvious thing is the cut down on my text editing time. If you consider the amount of time you spend highlighting with the mouse and then returning back to the keyboard […]

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Some Things Are Just Hard – Lessons from a fixer upper house.

Whenever you are solving a hard problem in software engineering, you will get
all sorts of advice. People will send you links to libraries that they have
never personally used. They will suggest a new framework that they read about on
Hacker News. They will recite chapters from their college algorithms textbook.
Most of all, they will insist that there must be some silver bullet to every
software problem.

But some problems are just hard.

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PaaS Is Cool. You DO Want To Be Cool Don’t You?

We love Platform as a Service. All of our projects start (and so far stay) on Heroku. This is a pretty easy decision up front since Heroku (and most other PaaS providers) offer free trials that are likely to get most apps through the development phase without costing a cent. Why would you choose something you have to pay for? Now I know what you’re thinking, free development hosting is all well and good, but aren’t these PaaS services more expensive than what it would cost to run my application directly on Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Why pay all that extra money? Well here’s why.

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