Faster Software Development with (Smart) Technical Debt

“technical debt” noun. the sum of costs owed to one’s computational progeny for past transgressions against their design and future well-being If you’re like me or anyone who’s spent enough time in software engineering, when you hear the phrase “technical debt,” it conjures bad associations and worse memories. Because by the time most people actually talk about […]

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Get Jazzed For ActiveJob!

Background Jobs have become a staple of web development in recent years. They enable us to avoid holding up the request/response flow while the application does something slow, like send emails, or make a ton of inserts that the user doesn’t really care about. In Rails development, we’ve had a myriad of options for queueing for a while now. We all know the popular ones: Resque, Sidekiq, Delayed Job, etc. The upcoming Rails 4.2 release will bestow upon us the glory that is ActiveJob, a unified API for talking to Background job systems.

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Rails Rumble Strategy Guide

Registration is now open for Rails Rumble, one of the biggest distributed programming competitions. In Rails Rumble, teams of one to four people work for 48 hours to build an application using Rails or another Rack-based web framework.

I’ve collected a few tips for people new to programming competitions, or those who just want to make the most of their Rails Rumble experience.

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