Thomas Knoll, Revelry Workshop Coach and Tribecon Speaker.

Thomas Knoll is the co-founder and CEO of  He has been a community architect, community cultivator, product designer, social marketer, customer developer, and startup advisor for companies including 500Startups, LaunchRock, Zappos, UserVoice, and Seesmic. He was studying to become a missionary, but left that path because he grew tired of the business of religion. Now, he helps businesses convert […]

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Meet Revelry Workshop Coach, Tippy Tippens

Tippy Tippens is the Founder and Director of Matter and the BirdProject. She is a social entrepreneur, designer, gandhiwarmer, and is passionate about helping to build sustainable growth, making the objects that we live with us work for us instead of against us and ultimately wishing to contribute to greater happiness. She’s pretty amazeballs.  Here’s […]

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Welcome Aboard Alex and Adam!

We’re excited to introduce two new members to Revelry team, Alex Hertz and Adam Clarke. By sheer circumstance and luck, Alex and Gerard just happened to team up at the first Codemkrs hackathon to build a fun app that helps people locate crawfish boils. Everyone had a blast, the relationship quickly escalated from there into some professional […]

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Kubernetes, Delivered

Deploy your first app within 24 hours. Book a demo to get started.