Core values. We’ve got some.

A few months back we decided that, tech company clichés aside, core values do matter. They give us a map forward and a solid foundation upon which to make decisions. They help keep us honest and vigilant about what we aspire to be. As our CEO Gerard joked while we were drafting them, “What we’re […]

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How We Built OnePageSale in 20 Days

We strictly adhere to spending 20% of our work week on internal product development and knowledge transfer across the company. We use this time to learn new technologies, expand on our codebase, build products, eat pizza and drink beers together. Over the past 20 Friday’s we’ve been working on It’s a really simple e-commerce […]

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Announcing Saaz – Stripe and ActiveRecord playing well together

We are releasing a new gem that makes it easier to integrate the payment processor Stripe into your Rails application.

Here at Revelry Labs, we often develop apps that require credit card processing. We’ve used a variety of payment processors depending on the needs of the project, but Stripe is our favorite. Stripe takes away most of the pain of credit card processing and gives us a clean API for making one-time charges and subscriptions.

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The NOLA Startup Showcase and Roadshow SF/NYC

Back in March, Idea Village’s annual entrepreneur season concluded with NOEW – an amazingly produced week of activities. There were over 5,000 participants, 88 events and 70 startups involved. Now we’re deep in the post-season.  Last week’s Launch Fest was the best class yet. Some of the most promising startups to ever come out of New […]

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Revelry Workshop Recap

I can’t thank everyone enough for the time and effort that went into this amazing day. Here’s a quick rundown of the companies and ideas we worked on: Maritant – The Maritime Industry Connected Founder: Chris Stuckey Bandaloo – Build a band in a weekend. Founder: Zubin Teherani Whetstone Education – Performance management software for driving teacher growth. […]

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Thomas Knoll, Revelry Workshop Coach and Tribecon Speaker.

Thomas Knoll is the co-founder and CEO of  He has been a community architect, community cultivator, product designer, social marketer, customer developer, and startup advisor for companies including 500Startups, LaunchRock, Zappos, UserVoice, and Seesmic. He was studying to become a missionary, but left that path because he grew tired of the business of religion. Now, he helps businesses convert […]

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Kubernetes, Delivered

Deploy your first app within 24 hours. Book a demo to get started.