Jeremy Brady

Jeremy Brady

Chief Design Officer

Early days I jumped into web design right when the Internet was catching fire building video games in VRML, and eventually I went into advertising and marketing. My career began at places like Eleven, Inc. (Design, Marketing and Advertising) in San Francisco, Nissan/Coato (In-Car Computing prototypes) in San Francisco/Tokyo, Turner Entertainment's Adult Swim (Product Design, Social Media, and Game Development), CSE, Inc. (Product Design, User Experience and Game UI for Unity 3D games) in Atlanta, HubSpot (Branded Event Experiences and campaigns) in Cambridge, MA. and Dublin, Ireland, GitHub (Branded Event Experiences and campaigns) in San Francisco . Now my focus is experience design—a marriage of all these practice areas where I work both as a manager and maker.

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Adding Vector to Torque

Bring about digital transformation through design thinking & brand strategy.
In this article, see practical examples of how you can bring about digital transformation for your business through a digital strategy that leverages design thinking, brand strategy, and a brand design system. An approach that lets you ship, learn and iterate software solutions fast and build an authentic brand that connects with your customers in a meaningful way that drives sales.

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