Hauwa Aguillard

Hauwa Aguillard

UX Designer

I started out as a programmer and graduated with a Masters in Computer Science with emphasis on Data Science. Soon I realized that my passion lies in UI/UX designs, so I began a self taught process of user experience design. Because of my technical background, I was able to quickly adapt to UI/UX tools, and with a background in data science, conducting user experience research and finding patterns came with ease. I find so much fulfillment and joy mapping out user journey, identifying pain points, and crafting a solution that not only works, but is user centric. When I am not designing, I make fun YouTube videos to keep my creative juices flowing.

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Understanding UX Design

User Experience Design (UX), is a term coined by Don Norman in the 1990s while he was Apple’s Vice President of Advanced Technology group. While UX is a tech industry buzz word, there’s growing confusion of what UX Design actually is. First, we should define what UX is not: “Advertising for a ‘UX/UI Designer’ is […]

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