Brittany Gay

Brittany Gay

UX Designer

Brittany graduated from LSU with a degree in Graphic Design and a double minor in Advertising and Art History. When she was in college, she also gained a strong interest in Web Development while working at an internship. After graduating, she moved to New Orleans to pursue a career as a Graphic Designer/Front End Developer at a marketing firm. Over time, she gravitated toward pursuing more UX Design and Development. Two years later, Brittany was ready to face a new challenge and joined the Revelry team as a UX Designer to expand her knowledge and learn new skills. In her free time, she likes to cook, play darts, ride her bike, and watch live music.


Improving UX Design with React Native Features

Front-end development for React Native is an entirely different ball game, especially when it comes to styling content, because styles are written in JavaScript. At one point or another, you’ll face challenges like a different markup, style properties, number conversions, boundaries, and lots of weird errors. So Brittany gathered up some resources for you.

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