Robert Prehn

Robert Prehn

VP, Software Engineering

Robert is the VP of Engineering for Revelry Labs. Robert has been programming since the early 90s and working with the web since 1999. Prior to joining Revelry, he was a freelance developer working with a wide variety of businesses and non-profits. Before that, he worked at Capital One in a variety of roles on many teams, including Finance & Financial Systems and Real Estate Analysis. He built systems that helped that bank to quickly analyze and act on billions of points of data.

Refactoring React: Dealing with Monster Render Methods

In the last year and a half at Revelry, we’ve used React as our view framework for about a dozen projects. We were React early adopters and we’ve worked on some large React codebases, so we’ve gained some insight into the issues that can creep into growing React projects. Today I want to show you some React code that has gotten out of hand and how you can clean it up.

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